SAFE BABY ITEMS – Safe Options for Children
2019-08-21 10:47:44


With parents becoming increasingly vigilant about health and safety of their children in this era, a range of “organic and safe baby products” have been widely introduced and proved to be very popular. The use of such products would give a boost to their confidence as they are deemed safe for babies whose skin is naturally sensitive and susceptible to many sources of irritation or infection like chemicals. JOY is explaining what exactly the so-called organic and safe baby products are and reasons why parents should give consideration to such items.


What are organic baby products?

Organic baby products are considered a safer option for young children because their manufacturing process is free of toxic chemicals, which are a cause of skin irritations and other health issues.



How to buy safe baby products?

At present, there are a variety of baby products being offered in the market. In order to reduce children’s exposure to toxic chemicals, parents are advised to use only quality and chemical-free products. For example, plastic products should be labelled as BPA free. This means they are free from carcinogenic bisphenol A (BPA).

Parents are certainly keen on buying products that are safe for their children. Below are some tips JOY would like to share to let all parents buy baby items that are good value money confidently:

  1. Select products with the “BABY SAFE” badge attached when shopping at JD CENTRAL. The badge shall give parents assurance that they are safe for their children

  2. Collect all promotions offered by vendors and select the best one. For example, to celebrate Mother’s Day in Thailand, JD CENTRAL is currently running the “Mommy Thursday” campaign, offering 70% discounts on mom and kid items every Thursday.

  3. Shop only at credible online platforms. JD CENTRAL is approved by Amarin Baby&Kids and theAsianparent Thailand, leading parenting sites in Thailand, so parents can be confident about their products and services.



Children are the most valuable and precious gifts for all parents. Providing children with the best things is the top priority of the parents. Safe baby items are therefore necessary to keep the babies healthy and let them grow strong in the future!

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