Scooters: the Answer to Fun and Fostering Development
2019-07-05 10:43:38

Scooters: the Answer to Fun and Fostering Development


Children and toys go hand in hand. When choosing toys for your child, not only do parents have to consider the fun aspects, considering how the toy or game can help in the development of your child suitable for their age is also important. Today, JOY would like to introduce “scooters”, one of the interesting toys for your child to have fun while engaging as well as play an important part in your child’s development. With these tips, JOY is going to help you find the perfect scooter!


  • Exercising

Scooters help children move their bodies; burn energy by moving their limbs and related muscles. It helps in making children strong and healthy.

  • Balance and Coordination

Controlling the scooter with your hands, feet, and transferring weight to stay on the scooter, are ways that children can learn how to coordinate and balance while playing.

  •  Motor Skills Development

Every time a child rides their scooter, they will be developing their motor skills or muscle usage. Motor skills are divided into two types: Gross and Fine Motor Skills. Scooters help efficiently in developing both skills. Scooters require whole body movement and large, core stabilizing muscles, with the use of their leg muscles to push themselves forward and their arms to remain stable and hold onto the handles which helps develop the gross motor skills. Also, by using their wrists, palms, and each finger to navigate their way, children will develop fine motor skills.

  •  Safety

Playing on scooters is a great opportunity to instill the understandings of safety when driving, for example, having children wear helmets, knee and elbow pads each time they play on the scooter, as well as being cautious, aware of their surroundings and moving at a reasonable speed.

  •  Socialize

Playing on the scooter is one of the ways that your child will be able to go out and socialize with other children in the community easily. It will also help boost a sense of confidence and interpersonal skill. 


Safety First, Fun Second

The first thing that should be considered when choosing a scooter for your child is “safety”. You can allow your child to have fun, but assurance on their safety is paramount. The main elements of a scooter are the pedal, the handlebar, and the brake pad:

  •  The pedal should be strong and sturdy, able to support your child’s weight, and has enough space for your child and anti-slipping tape so they can stand steadily and easily. 
  •  The handlebar should have a size that is enough for your child to hold onto conveniently.
  • The brakes should be easy to control with their feet and can stop instantaneously. 
  •  Other materials found in the scooter should also be strong, sturdy and safe for your child as well.


Easy Control & Balance

 Children are curious and full of energy, however, the control over their bodies is not fully complete. Parents should choose scooters that is user-friendly, without having to rely on the child’s strength, for a more convenient and safe experience. Such a scooter would have to be one that the user can control and navigate to the sides easily. This is much more convenient and efficient than a scooter that requires hand control to navigate as it will help develop instinctual senses in balance and motor skills.


Adaptable to Growth

 Children are always growing continuously, especially with their weight and height. So, when choosing scooters for your child, you should also consider ones that are adjustable with age. That is having the functions that enable height modification as well as the slope so that your child can enjoy the scooter in the long run. 


More Features, More Fun

 Last but not least, choosing the right scooter for your child does not only depend on the color or designs, but also the function of the scooter itself. You can choose scooters with lighted wheels that automatically illuminates with its magnetic inductor for more fun and attractiveness for the child.


How do you think about these ideas for buying a scooter? Along with knowing the benefits of scooters, JOY believes that the other important items that parents should not overlook are the safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. The items will help lessen or prevent against any impact in the case of accidents. With these, your child can thoroughly enjoy riding a scooter while being safe from harm’s way.

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