Mosquitoes, The Hazards that Comes with Rainfall
2019-06-13 17:18:32


Get the know-how on how to deal with mosquitoes every rainy season.

The rainy season is here along with the cool that helps alleviate the heat. But for a tropical country like ours, the rainy season is often the time when mosquitoes are on the rampage! These little small flying creatures are not only annoying but they also spread various diseases to the members of your family, especially to your little one, the most important person for parents such as yourselves. On the occasion of the ASEAN Dengue Day, which falls on the 15th of June of each year, JOY would like to introduce ways to protect oneself from mosquitoes.


  • Vaccination
    The costs of vaccination against dengue fever are approximately 9,000 - 10,000 baht and can protect a patient over a span of 6 years. The vaccine can prevent four types of dengue fever and is recommended in people ages 9-45.
  • Herbs
    Herbs, such as bergamot, eucalyptus, orange skins, basil, garlic, mint, and neem, are able to repel mosquitoes. Hang them around the house to prevent mosquitoes from coming in!
  • Aromatherapy
    Herb-scented essential oils can ward off mosquitoes!
  • Mosquito Repellent
    If you are going to depend on sprays, lotions, and anti-mosquito bracelets, make sure to go for ones that are gentle and is medically certified to be safe for children.

Mosquitoes are a force of nature that, with one bite, can be lethal to our overall health. And now that you have some insight on warding off mosquitoes, you can implement them into your everyday life and repel these flying creatures. Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of a mosquito bite today with JD CENTRAL!

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