JOY REVIEW : UNOLD | Easy Homemade Ice Cream: Good for You, Good for Your Soul
2019-06-06 14:57:11

"Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy ice-cream 
and that is kind of the same thing"

JOY confirms that we thoroughly enjoy a nice, cold ice cream regardless of the season. Studies by neuroscientists from the Institute of Psychiatry of London showed that with just a bit of ice cream, our brains release a hormone called Dopamine, which is released when we have fun, listening to our favorite music, or the same feeling we get when we win the lottery. Now that you know, let’s grab some ice cream! But do you know what’s better? Homemade ice cream! You can choose the best healthy ingredients to make ice cream at home with the ice cream maker from UNOLD! Come with JOY to find out more!

Reference: How ice cream tickles your brain