Tips | Work and Pregnancy for New Moms
2019-05-31 10:34:31


Pregnancy can be both a precious experience as well as a challenging one.
New moms must work, and they also have to take care of the little one inside them.
How can new moms manage this new lifestyle?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! For the working ladies who are expecting their first pregnancy, you may wonder about if you should work throughout your pregnancy. With the many physical changes and emotional ebb and flow, being able to keep on working will depend on you and the baby’s overall health as well as the working environment. JOY has some tips about how to make work more comfortable while pregnant.

Pregnancy Rights

Not only will there be physical changes, but there will be other changes around your job that you need to know. So, JOY would also like to share some information about pregnancy rights while working in Thailand:

  • Working overtime is not allowed unless the employer receives permission from the employee. Working during the holidays is strictly prohibited.
  • Jobs that require carrying objects heavier than 15kg is prohibited.
  • With confirmation from the doctors, the employee’s work details can change accordingly.
  • Being fired due to pregnancy is a wrongful termination.
  • The employee can take no more than 90 days worth of maternity leave.


Tips for an Easier Pregnancy Experience While Working

Now that we know some of the laws revolving work and pregnancy, there are many types of jobs that need different types of tips. Some jobs are safe, some can be physically taxing. Here are tips for an easy pregnancy experience while working:

1. Office Life Changes!

The body changes and so should life at work. Overworking and nervousness are not something that a pregnant woman should be experiencing during this time. Keep in mind that pregnant women should not work more than 6 hours a day.

2. Don’t stand for too long!

Standing around for more than three hours at a time can be physically tough for the mother, causing back and leg pain, as well as slowing down the baby’s growth. You should:

  • Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes.
  • Prop one foot on a short stool or a box to help alleviate back pain.
  • Take breaks and change positions every 30 minutes!

3. Food for Two!

Some smell may trigger nausea and some food can be hard to digest. But you have to feed yourself and your baby regularly. So plan your meals accordingly!

  • Bring your own lunch packed with all the necessary ingredients.
  • Keep healthy snacks at your desk, like mixed nuts, muesli, apples, crackers, and dried fruit.
  • Invest and get a good water bottle that is BPA-free plastic or glass!

4. Heavy Labor is a HUGE No-No!

Pregnancy changes your body and so will your center of gravity. Jobs that require labor can be dangerous, so if your work includes carrying heavy objects or other physical labor, please discuss with your doctor about whether it is physically safe.

5. Work-Related Traveling is A-OK

Mothers rejoice! As long as your child is healthy, you can travel to work safely until you are 36 weeks pregnant. However, the rules and regulations differ depending on each airline. When traveling:

  • Wear the seatbelt below your belly.
  • Try booking aisle seats near the bathroom.
  • Avoid traveling to areas with news of epidemic diseases.

6. Dealing with Nausea at Work

About three in four women get nauseous during pregnancy as the changes are new for your mind and body to cope with. Although we may not completely get rid of the condition, we can try to manage it. Here are a few pointers:

  • Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger candy or the smell of lemon can help soothe nausea.
  • Avoid places or food with strong smells if you are sensitive to certain scents.
  • Keep a clean shirt, toothbrush, toothpaste, and make-up at bay so that you are able to look fresh at work.

Now that we know of some tips and tricks about dealing with being pregnant in your workplace, JOY really hopes that it will help make your experience an easier one. JOY understands that this is a scary, yet exciting time, but we still have to be cautious!

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