Protect Your Child from RSV
2019-05-28 17:23:27


The rainy season is here and so is the RSV virus. Let’s protect your child from the sickness from these tips!

RSV isn’t fun and games even if it sounds like ROV. Let’s learn how to protect our children from the virus together! It’s official. Thailand has now entered its rainy season. The air is especially humid these days and there is an increased chance that viruses and other illnesses will spread, especially ones that infect the respiratory system like RSV. This virus spreads like wildfire during the rainy season. And now that school has started, the chances of the virus spreading is even higher. So how do we protect our children? JOY has a few ways that may help.


As there is no vaccination or medication for this virus, the only therapy would be to treat the patient according to the symptoms. It is important to teach your child the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene, to frequently wash their hands so that your child can be safe from being exposed to diseases.

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