Sit Less, Move More for Your Healthier Daily Life
2019-05-22 09:58:58


As your total sitting time increases, so does your risk of an early death. Find out how to lower the risk.

As the saying goes, “Sitting is the new smoking” JOY would like to share with you how life-threatening too much sitting is as well as a few tips on correct sitting posture for your better everyday life at work.


Whether you like to move it, move it like King Julien or not, the recent studies discovered that sitting for a long period of time during the day is actually increasing a large number of health risks and early death! Your heart will hurt, your weight will gain, anxiety spikes, risks of dementia, cancer, and diabetes will increase. So JOY would strongly recommend everyone to stand up and move for five minutes for every 30 consecutive minutes of sitting to reduce the health risks. 

A Little More on “Ergonomics”

Apart from the importance of movement in decreasing the negative impact on our cardiovascular health, sitting ergonomics is something we all should think about.  As we spend so much time sitting, the proper posture helps lower the risks of drastic disorders that sitting can cause, especially office syndrome, and helps increase our productivity in the long run. See below how to make a difference through sitting.


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