The Art of Choosing the Right (Diapers)
2019-05-16 17:18:30


Your kids are your soul and heart. Learning the art of choosing the right helper is undeniably vital.

Diapers play a big part in the daily lives of mothers and little children. The product is both convenient, time efficient, and is great at preventing any spilling. And there are a large variety of diapers for us to choose from in the market these days, but which kind is the right kind for your child? JOY has a few methods that will help you choose the right kind of diapers for your child.


1. Soft, thick, and great at absorbing

Children’s skin is very fragile therefore you should choose clothes that are thick and soft as it will help in absorbing liquid, reduce chafing and irritation.

2. Great air ventilation

Rashes, dampness, and irritation are a problem that babies may have to face when it comes to diapers that don’t fit or have bad air flow. Parents should choose diapers with great air ventilation. If your child’s skin starts to have clammy skin despite constantly changing diapers, then perhaps the diapers are not great at airing.

3. Choose the right size

How do you know which diaper size is right for your child? You should mainly take your child’s weight and stage into consideration when choosing diapers. Diapers with the right size will fit perfectly around the child’s waists and thighs. Persistent leaks, red marks on your baby’s skin, or gaps are sure signs of an improper fit.


For babies’ cleanliness JOY would like to suggest that parents change their child’s diapers every 3-4 hours or every time your child excretes. Constantly clean and wipe your child dry to protect dampness and rashes. With just this, your little one will learn new things comfortably.

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