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Being a K-Pop fan is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle and it’s harder than you think! Come explore with JOY.

Pop music from South Korea, no matter if it is from artists like BLACKPINK, BTS, IZ*ONE, EXO, TWICE, OR GOT7 is now a phenomenon that is trending worldwide. But did you know that being a K-pop fan isn’t as easy as you may think. Whether it’s to keep up with the artists’ news, competing for tickets to the concert or the fan meeting events, or even waking up early in the morning to go welcome the artists up at the airport, etc. There are just so many artists and bands that our planners are filled with their schedules, comeback shows, new music releasing, or them coming to Thailand. Ever since the New Years, there have been K-pop artists coming to Thailand on a monthly basis. And in the latter half of this year, there is also a packed schedule for fans as well. JOY would like to get you to know more about Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, some of their interesting statistics, as well as preparing to go to a K-pop concert. 

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Now that you have gotten to know a bit of the influence of Hallyu, let us see how fans prepare themselves to meet their beloved idols.


Ready, Set, Press!

Months before we actually go to the concert, the most important item that we need to obtain is the ticket to the show. And that is no easy feat as you are going to be competing with hundreds of thousands of fans, waiting to meet their beloved idols. With such high competition, you would have to already be waiting in front of your computer or at the ticket booth hours before the tickets start selling.

Fighting the Heat!

Although there may not be an obstacle to fans loving their precious idols, Thailand’s heat might! JOY would like to suggest items that will help in relieving the heat and they are mineral spray, hand-held fan, baby wipes, and a cold bottle of water. You should also not forget about sunscreen, an umbrella, and a hat! And if you reached the site early, you should wear a comfortable pair of shoes that allows you to stand for a long period of time without any problem. Better be safe than sorry!

Modern Day Fanclub

Now that we are living in the society where social media takes over our lives, we would have to update on social media that we are going to the concert! Keeping up with the news and status of our favorite idols is no easy feat. Therefore, an important item that all K-pop fans must have on hand is a cable charger and a portable charger that packs a lot of battery power. With that, you can record the artists without having to worry about the battery running out!

Let’s Go Greet Them! 

For some, meeting the idols over the span of two days at the concert is not enough. Giving them a warm welcome at the airport, seeing them walk by for a few seconds or even a chance of some subtle eye contact is a precious memory. And that precious moment can be a long-lastingly vivid memory if you have a picture that you took by yourself. To create precious memories with your precious idols, you have to prepare yourself, like, a high-quality DSLR camera with detachable lens, and a portable chair for your own comfort.

Perfect the song, master the fan chants, nail the choreography!

Not only is there a large variety of official merchandise to purchase at the concert site, for example, the lightstick, shirts, bags, etc. you should also not forget about the concert itself! Learn the lyrics before the actual day so you can sing along with the idols, know what their choreography is to plan when to take the perfect picture, practice the fan chants to not only cheer your idols on but to display the love and support for the idols

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