Prepare Your Child for the New Semester
2019-05-08 10:43:02


Kickstart the new semester with ideas that enable your kids to be active in schools and outside!

A new semester is approaching and JOY is certain that parents like yourselves are preparing your child’s clothes and other basic equipment for school. However, as Thailand’s economy is changing and becoming more technologically developed, everyone’s lifestyle, your child included, is bound to change. JOY would like to suggest some interesting and practical gadgets for your child to use and learn from.


  • No matter how many times you read that sentence, you just can’t understand what it is trying to say. Try using a highlighter to make it easier for you to focus, and did you know that color helps in remembering, especially green that helps increase your levels of focus, orange which triggers bright emotions, and the color blue aids your study or work efficiency.
  • Small children, under 3 years of age, are in the beginning curious stage in life where they would pick up things to put in their mouths. As safety comes first, opt for non-toxic pens and pencils specially made for children.


  • As a lot of the kids these days look for answers and work on their homework and reports with the help of the internet and computers, an essential item for your child to have is a USB Flash Drive. Convenient and handy, your child will not have a problem with printing outside as well as transferring information from one place to the other.
  • Parents do get worried about their children and would like to contact them during school hours but because of their age and maturity, giving them a smartphone may not be the best option. A smartwatch for kids is an interesting alternative.


  • You won’t ever really see children without snacks. They come hand-in-hand, even in school. Try preparing snacks that are both delicious and nutritious such as cereal bars, UHT Milk, or juice so that your child could eat them whenever they want to.
  • When packing food and snacks for your child, make sure to use food-grade, BPA-Free equipment such as a lockable lunch box, glass box, and a standardized water bottle. Not only will they prevent the growth of bacterias and contaminants in food, but you will also be reducing plastic and help save the planet.


  • Take care of your health and make sure not to forget the inside of your mouth! Prepare a set of toothbrush and toothpaste for your child to bring to school so that their mouths are clean and healthy even at school.
  • Physical education is an important aspect for your child to grow and develop but of course, exposure to sunlight for a long period of time can be damaging. Please make sure that you protect your child’s skin with sunscreen for children so that they can enjoy playing in the sun.
  • Sweat is inevitable when your child is at school all day, and that sweat will make them physically uncomfortable or that they would have to pick up things that may be contaminated. Having baby wipes or hand gel with them to use as they wash their hands will help in preventing the growth of bacterias and other microorganisms which is a source of contagious diseases among children. However, young children should be supervised by adults when using hand gels.

With the items that JOY had recommended for you this new semester, you will no longer have to worry when your children studying and having fun! But you also have to make sure that the items are age appropriate for your children.

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