Know your skin, know your undertone
2019-04-25 16:52:40


No more mistakes with yellow! Know your undertone for the perfect look!

Recently you may have noticed that an increasing number of people are wearing yellow. Yellow is a color that embodies an auspicious meaning and Thais will be wearing from April until May of 2019. Psychologically, yellow is a color that helps stimulates the brain and muscles. From a Feng Shui perspective, it is a color of Yang as it represents the warmth of the land and sun. And when we are talking about fashion, yellow represents the summer’s freshness, and once you take a picture, you will stand out, looking absolutely glowing in yellow.

But have you ever wondered why, when you wear a certain shade of yellow, you don’t look as good as you should? Today, JOY will be giving you tips and ideas to choosing the right yellow just for you.

Unlike your complexion, the undertone is the natural color that comes from beneath your skin’s surface affecting your overall hue and the color will not change no matter how much sunlight you are exposed to. Therefore, understanding your skin’s undertone is key to finding the right foundation and choosing the best color palettes.


Let’s understand the types of undertones, you can notice the differences from the color of your veins on your wrists.


A good choice of wardrobe and makeup for those with a Cool undertone is to wear cool or bright colors,
for example, blue, lavender, plum, magenta, pink, or grey. The right kind of yellow for you
would be a darker shade of yellow like mustard or medallion yellow.



If you have a neutral undertone, you don’t have to worry since you luckily have a natural tone that goes with any kind of color,
whether it be a cool or bright tone. For example blue, jade, red, white, or pastel colors.
To add the glow to your skin, the right shade of yellow for you is bright yellow or vibrant yellow.



Warm and Olive undertones are those with a darker skin tone, and you should rejoice!
As all shades of yellow suit your skin tones, whether it be neon yellow, bright yellow,
or the warmer colors such as honey, olive, coral, peach and cream.
For a finishing touch to your flawless look, add bronze, pinkish-orange,
or peach colored makeup or wear red with blue undertone lipstick to make your teeth look whiter.

JOY hopes that with these ideas and tips will help make choosing the right shade of color for your skin easier. Come and radiate beauty with us today at JD CENTRAL!

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