Small But Big | How to Choose Kids' Cloth
2019-04-11 12:12:19


Because children are not adults with little bodies, join JOY in search of ideas for clothes that suits your child.

Fashion trends are not only for adults, but children can also follow them and lead a trend on their own! Especially when there are numerous stores and brands that nowadays produce clothes and accessories that are second to none when it comes to design. The types of children’s shoes that we can find a variety like light-up shoes, skate shoes, sneakers with various styles. Children’s clothes are no exception, of course. So what kind of clothes fit your children? JOY has a few ideas that parents may find useful!



So that your child won’t look too old for their age, parents should help their child find the right kid’s clothes for them that suits the occasion. And hey, it is the 21st century, let’s opt for more gender-neutral clothing and focus on the following qualities:

Infants (Firstborn - 1-year-old)

The child’s skin at this age is very fragile so the choice of fabric is vital. Fabrics that come into contact with a baby’s skin will need to be soft and gentle, absorbent, and have great ventilation.

Fabric made from 100% cotton is one of the top choices that you should go for because the natural threads will not cause allergic reactions, they can prevent staleness, and are easily washable without having to use chemicals excessively. Of course, organic cotton is also another great choice.

Because children’s neck muscles at this age aren’t fully developed yet, easy-to-wear, front wrap style baby clothing is your best bet. Baby clothes should not have pockets, buttons, or zippers as they could cause skin irritation.

Toddlers (1 - 3 years old)

Curiosity starts to hit children at this age and the desire to learn about the things around them grows so clothes that are easily worn and cleaned with great air ventilation.

 Kindergarten (3 - 5 years old)

They are getting older and are socializing as they start to get more creative and expressive with their thoughts and ideas. Wearing their favourite various cartoon characters on their chests could be something that children value so parents should let children participate in choosing their own clothes.



As we all know that Thailand is a pretty hot country, parents should choose clothes that are easy to wear and ventilating, like cotton.

During the cold period or if you and your child are going to be in a cold place or in an air-conditioned room, you should wear slightly thicker clothes, like lint.

For going out to events, dresses made from chiffon is a great option as the fabric is light and perfect for diverse opportunities. However, clothes with sequins or beads may not actually be a great option as it could scratch your child’s skin and leave a mark. Clothes that are too skin-tight will also make your child uncomfortable. 



Choosing the right kid’s shoes are also as important as choosing their clothes. Go for sneakers that are light-weighted, comfortable, and are able to support your child’s weight. Heeled-sandals should have a firm strap around your child’s ankles, which will support your child to balance better when walking. You shouldn’t choose shoes that are too big as it could lead to potential accidents or your child falling over.



Safety should play a vital part when choosing the right product. You shouldn’t choose accessories that are small in size if your child is not over the age of three. Due to curiosity, the product could end up in their noses or mouths. When picking out what kind of clothes or accessories for your child, keep in mind that the product should suit your child’s age, so that your child won’t look older than their actual age. For a more feminine, sweet flavor, pick pastel-colored accessories and match it with a bag with cartoons printed on it. To get a more masculine, cool look, wear jeans with a matching printed shirt for convenient movements and top the look with a snapback cap.

Now that you possess the knowledge to choose the right kind of clothes for your little one, don’t forget to browse for adorable clothes at JD CENTRAL. There are a large array of clothes and accessories that you can pick out for your kids! 


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