SUMMER TIPS | Choose the right swimsuit for your body type
2019-04-02 11:30:37


No matter your body type, you can also look as hot as a model by choosing the right swimsuit!

Hello Thailand, Summer is back like how it never left! Relaxing in an air-conditioned room all day can sometimes be boring. An activity that you can definitely spend outdoors and not feel too hot and clammy is to swim! But does your swimsuit fit you? Whether it is to limit exposure or to enhance your curves, JOY has some tips for choosing the right swimsuit for your body!


Before we dive right into the right swimsuit guide, have you ever wondered why is it that there is a rule by each pool that you have to put on a swimsuit and wash up before jumping in?

  • Because some fabrics, like cotton, absorb more water than swimwear fabric (lycra, polyester, or nylon) which will be very heavy.
  • Cotton or other fabrics could have detergent powder, germs, and bacteria stuck to it which will affect the quality and water hygiene.
  • Threads from some fabrics may break apart in the water, which can clog up the water filters.
  • Dyed substances may melt into the water and cause an imbalance to the chemicals in the water


Know your body’s shapes and curves for the perfect swimwear look.

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Moms also need vitamin Sea! Try choosing a Tankini, a bathing suit combining a tank top, to help protect your abdomen
from the sunlight. It is easy to wear and you can also access the bathroom easily being a two-piece swimwear.


Don’t let the cellulite lower your confidence! Try on a Kaftan (A robe variant) or match your bikini bottom
with a skirt to conceal your legs with style.


It is athletic, trendy, and stylish. Perfect for everyone, especially for those whose skin are sensitive to sunlight.
Match your rash guard top with either shorts or long swimming pants and let’s go have fun without care!

Say good-bye to your old swimwear collection and say hello to new, hot swimsuits that suits your body type! Choose the design of your choice. More importantly, apply sunscreen for every time you go for a swim!



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