Incredible Health Benefits of Folate
2019-03-28 17:22:24


Introducing Folate, a must-have nutrient for all ladies

For ladies who are at the ages 14-44, known as women in the reproductive age, JOY wants you to get to know your new best friend “Folate”, which is a type of vitamin B or it is also known as Folic Acid. Folate, which you may have heard in commercials or advertisements, plays an important part in cell growth, especially if you are expecting.


Even for those who don’t have plans on having a child anytime soon, you should still consume food that has folate in them, since they are important to our bodies in a large number of ways:

  • It helps in the regeneration and creation of new cells, which is very important to the production of red blood cells and prevents the body from developing anemia.
  • Plays a vital part in preventing heart diseases, clogged arteries, as well as reducing the risks of having a stroke.
  • Lowers many cancer risks
  • Treats depression


For you ladies who are planning on having a child, not only do you need to take in folate, you also need to take in iron at least once a week and eat nutritious foods to prevent anemia as the cause can also be from the body not receiving enough iron.


--------------Fill your body up with Folate!--------------

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