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If sleep is a big deal for you, let's have a good night dream together this World Sleep Day!

After a nice, long bath or shower, getting dressed and leaping onto the bed is just that moment leading to the rest you deserve. But… what if insomnia strikes and you just can’t get a wink of sleep!? If this sounds familiar to you, JOY does have a few ideas that may help with those getting little sleep. This is to raise awareness for the importance of sleep since “World Sleep Day” this year is on the 15th of March!


1. Choosing the Right Beds Matter

A good quality bed can lead to good night sleep. To avoid getting backache, choosing a mattress made from memory foam, which helps in reducing bedsores as well as having a soft sensation, allowing better blood circulation within the body.

2. Pamper Yourself with Homemade Aromatherapy or Spa

Having a nice, soft, gentle smell within the room also plays a part in helping you sleep better. Try using an aroma diffuser and turn on some light classical music at the same time. Not only will you sleep well, but you wouldn’t want to wake up early the next day.

3. A Warm Bath Before Bed

By stimulating our blood circulation system with a warm bath session, you will already get better sleep. Just try bathing in warm water for about 20-30 minutes along with a drop or two of lavender scented oil.

4. A Glass of Warm Milk Before Bed Keeps Your Sleep in Check

A glass of warm milk before bed is guaranteed to be relaxing as it allows your body to easily rest. Milk contains an amino acid called “Tryptophan” which allows your body to sleep deeply. You can also add honey to your drink which not only gives you an additional sweetness, but it allows tryptophan to enter our brains more easily. 

5. Dim the Lights

Digital devices, when lit, emits blue light which affects how well you sleep. The blue light triggers your brain into being in a state of alert and decreases the secretion of the hormone “Melatonin” which plays a part in relaxing yourself before going to sleep. Therefore, you should not use any electronic devices for at least two hours before you go to bed.

With all of the facts and effects about sleep, let’s try to change up our sleeping habits so that our bodies get enough rest. You can also use our tips and tricks for a more comfortable sleep. Let’s all wake up the next day bright and ready!

-------------Sleep Well, Live Well-------------



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