Joy of Giving X Women's Day
2019-03-04 09:38:04


Three artists with different artistic styles have drawn up their own unique designs onto shirts for women’s day.
Get yourself your very own limited edition shirts! Pre-order starts on the 4-10th March 2019 at the JD CENTRAL mobile application or our website JD.CO.TH.

On March 8th of every year, the world remembers the years-long fight for rights, equality, and freedom of women all over the world. As Thailand is a member of the United Nations, we intend to act upon the principle of equality between women and men.

However, even with women getting more support and encouragement for a more quality lifestyle and gender equality, illnesses and diseases are still one of the main obstacles to a better livelihood. Many women suffer from various diseases that are only seen in women, especially breast cancer and cervical cancer.


JD CENTRAL is aware of the importance of love, encouragement, and support all of which has the power to heal and recuperate one’s physical health and well-being. We, then, have started a campaign called “JOY OF GIVING”, where three famous artists, Mr Kantapon “Gong” Metheekul, Mr Wattansak “Tong” Chirathivat, and Ms Anothai “Nae” Niruttimetee, joined hands with us to work on creating 3 different styles of art, screen printed onto T-shirts.


Flown in all the way from New York City, well-known in multiple countries across the globe, Mr Gong - Kantapol Metheekul was once an art director who kicked off his Thai-style street art career in New York City. With his original artistic style, he moved his way up to becoming one of the most watched artists at the moment. With his unique artistic style called Teleport Art, Mr Gong illustrated the way he finds happiness within himself. Just by being positive and being in the present, all men and women will be able to find that happiness hidden within.


A new generation passionate artist who believes in the power of visual communication, Mr Tong - Wattansak Chirathivat enjoys illustrating little aspects around him, no matter if it is his own characteristics, friends, food, nature, etc., into characters that represent ideology and emotions discretely. Mr Tong was inspired by the act of hugging, a special yet simple act that bears so many positive, happy emotions to the two people in the act. He created the design of various trees that protect us from the heat, embracing us with the coolness of nature. 


Thailand’s famous street artist and graphic designer who has collaborated with Kiehl’s before, Ms Nae - Anothai Niruttimetee has a simple yet distinctive artistic style which is colorful and refreshing. Ms Nae conveyed the joy of life through her art for the patients ill with sickness to be filled with happiness and the feeling of support. She wishes that the shirts in this “Joy of Giving” campaign represent a team of those who wish to share love and joy to other people, even to those who may be strangers. Each finger was drawn to transmit a message that, if we help each other, then anything we want to achieve is possible.

Come and join us in encouraging and helping those experiencing breast cancer or cervical cancer to the Ramathibodi Foundation by purchasing the 3 Joy of Giving shirts via JD CENTRAL’s mobile application or on the website JD.CO.TH, starting from 4 -10th March. You will be receiving the shirts starting from 15th of March and onwards. Also! Get a 100 baht coupon for once you purchase 500 baht or more just by pre-ordering a Joy of Giving shirt.

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