Summer at Home | Make it breezy, not queasy
2019-02-28 17:24:16

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Stay cool the entire summer with ideas on how to decorate your house, JOYFUL style.

Cool down your interiors because summer is coming. Imagine, or remember, the Sun, heat waves, and this year with all the dust to boot. How much hotter would it be? For those who can’t decide on how to escape the heat, we would like to give you five ideas to welcome the summer.


Take care of your home and family members, keep them cool during the hot summer, but also don’t forget to look after yourself. Drink enough water to stimulate blood circulation and eat food that will cool your body down. Avoid eating strong flavored food and consume approximately 400 grams of fruit and vegetables according to the 2:1:1 food ratio. All for the sake of surviving the summer in comfort.



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