2018-12-11 18:12:19

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JOYFUL IDEA | 3 party ideas of your style

Holiday is really knocking on our front doors and the party vibe is totally in the air! Throwing a party is not just for fun but it is a good chance for a family reunion and a friend get-together. If you're getting ready to throw a party and want it to be the most memorable time possible, follow JOY and browse through these three party ideas. Hop in holidaymakers!

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Do you recall the last time you gazed at the starlit sky? If it has been way too long and the memory starts to fade, this idea probably fits you. The under the star party will bring you back to your last boy scout camp or the mountain trip with your peeps. Given that the weather is so nice in December, the idea sounds perfect for those looking for a new outdoor activity.

Whether you are having a few friends or a large gathering in your backyard or somewhere far away in a valley, easy outdoor party recipes can range from classic barbeque to healthy hot pot. Turn on the music (without annoying the neighborhood), talk and listen to your loved ones or share life-learning lessons, no agenda or wi-fi needed.

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If rapid food delivery is not for your holiday get-together, what about asking each one of friends to bring their own ingredients and cooking talents? Remember that you don’t actually need to be a top-notch chef to enjoy a cooking party since the essence is to have fun. This idea enhances a quality time where the great conversation starts. You can also spice up the idea by hosting a challenge where everyone has a chance to grade on the food presentation and of course, taste! The winning chef will get to enjoy a funny prize.

After the hearty meal together, ignore those itching feeling for a quick check on your phone. Keep it aside cause now it is time to revive a nostalgic fun! An average person spends two years of their life on Facebook. If you do not want to give your phone the power to control you or if you realize that you have been unintentionally giving those around you a cold shoulder, let’s get back to basics. Pick up those board games and enjoy!

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Caring for those around you is great but don’t forget your best buddy too. This party idea puts your pets in the spotlight. Dressing them up with cute or matching outfits and hosting a lucky draw for pets are just some ideas any pet lovers can all relate. This is a chance to give thanks to your pet’s daily dose of cuteness and loyalty they have been providing us.

The by-product of this Petsmas party is a great conversation. You and your loved ones can share experiences, tips, and tricks on how to take the best care of your furry besties. For those without pets, this is also a great time to mingle and play with your friends’ pets.

According to Robin Dunbar, a leading psychologist and a professor at Oxford University, meeting with friends twice a week greatly improves men's physical condition and well-being. The study also found that men, who maintain social groups are healthier, recover from sickness more quickly and tend to better cope with depression. So let’s pick any of the above 3 ideas, whichever suits you best and maximize this year-end holiday as a great start to reunite and have more fun together for a richer life results :)



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