JOYFUL DIY IDEA | 5 Crafty Gift Wrapping Ideas
2018-11-30 11:56:40

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Giving a beautifully wrapped gift is a way to say ‘I love and care about you’.

The season of giving is at the doorstep. For those who have figured out the gift but are still looking for some
one-of-a-kind gift wrap idea. Look no further as JOY is bringing you five crafty ways to wrap.


Infuse some nature charm into your gift wrapping routine. An artistic wrapper and receiver will love the harmony
of a brown paper, 
a jute string and a little something from your backyard (or a florist shop). Opt for Leyland cypress
 or everlasting Statice; a flower signifies ‘remembrance’. Add a final touch of a tiny card in any shape you like.
For an extra idea on how to add festive charm, check out our previous 
DIY paper X’mas tree.


Personalize your gifts with these tiny little friends. Pick up the recipients’ favorite figurines
or festive characters as shown to add the playful detail to these plain boxes.
After unwrapping the gifts, these figurines can also be doubled up as home decoration items.


Put a smile on your recipient’s face from the very first glimpse of the gift box.
Spice up the plain brown wrapping paper with this playful twist by adding the face
they will just fall in love at the first sight, like these googly-eyes Santa and friendly reindeer.


If you think that a gift box is just a thing of the past, let shredded paper, a piece of eco-friendly bubble wrap
and a plain brown paper do the job. Hold it with a transparent tape and a white string.
Pleat both paper ends to create rabbit-ear folds. Then glue a cotton ball on the gift wrap to create a bunny tail.
Ta-da! Say hello to this new furry friend everyone will fall in love!

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This last idea called ‘Furoshiki’ is inspired by a traditional Japanese way of using fabric to wrap up gifts.
It is totally waste-free and impressive. Just pick up a square piece of fabric in your favorite color
or pattern and work the magic. Add decorative items or flowers to your liking.
After unwrapping the gift, the fabric can also be reused as a scarf, a headband, and household decor.

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