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2018-11-12 14:06:15

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Owning a pet is not just a hobby. Pets are human’s best friends who offer us more than companionship. The question is do we truly know them?

When it comes to furry friends, pet lovers normally share similar emotional attachment. We feel that pets’ bonding companionship always has a special place in our hearts that no one else, be they families or friends, can possibly fill.

It is proven that owning a pet is not just a hobby since pets can significantly improve our body and mind. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of pets can help us stay well and recover from illness. Physically, they can help us lower our blood pressure by 10 percent when we pet them for 15-30 minutes. While interaction with our own pets helps increase our serotonin level. Mentally, pets help ease the loneliness of the elderly and better children with allergies.

Those are unquestionable benefits of having companion pets. What about us as pet owners and their protectors? Have we precisely perceived their signals and behaviors? Have we offered them the proper treats they deserve? Follow JOY to explore pets’ myths and common misconceptions so we can love them right. Let’s do it!

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Love & Care

Though pets are difficult to understand and way too stubborn to handle at times, they are the most honest companion who never fail to get insanely excited every time you return home (well, not my cats…) To repay their love and loyalty, be a great pack leader. Take a good care of them physically and mentally by considering the following simple tips.

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In addition to understanding pets’ nature and behavior as well as taking the best care of them, one of the most important things is to regularly spend time with them. Be kind and full of understanding when dealing with their aging side effects. Old dogs and cats are not lazy, they are just less active. They are not ignoring us, they just can’t see and hear well anymore. No matter how much changes they may become, the only thing that never changes is the way they look at you from day one. 


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