Pattern Tales
2018-11-06 14:57:38

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Patterns can carry surprisingly positive or negative significance for people from different eras and cultures. Patterns of everyday life also signify certain personality code about you. Follow JOY to explore about the secret of patterns, from the past to present and into the future.

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“We literally wear these stories on our backs—and we haven’t yet begun to read them.”
Jude Stewart, author of the book ‘Patternalia’

If only we know how all patterns lie the scandalous and surprising stories. How they portray human creativity in utilizing our surrounding to serve both forms and function as well as how we express ourselves through every color stroke and pattern, we begin to know more about our ‘true self’ JD CENTRAL hopes that this new territory can ignite your gift ideas and shopping list for the upcoming year. Browse for more ideas at JD CENTRAL


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