9 Must-Have Items for TV Series Addicts | Global Market
2018-10-25 11:59:18

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Do you stay up all night to finish a series? Do you often quote lines from a series in everyday conversation or have a strong bond with characters from your favorite ones? If your answers are mostly YES, we have the same best friend named Net (aka Netflix)! Nothing wrong about being a series addict, especially with the following joyful tips to boost your favorite time of the day. If we are going to binge-watch anyway, why don’t we try making it healthier and even more enjoyable? 

A Netflix survey found that 61 percent of users regularly watch between 2-6 episodes of a show in one sitting. That’s really long hours we are talking about. So before starting your binge-watching, get you home ready and comfy with great designed solutions from Global Market.


Calm your mind
Without knowing it, you can be anxious and stressed while watching a series full of violence and suspense. This can be easily fixed, thanks to a diffuser with the sweet smell of aroma oil. According to a study, essential oils can help calm your nerves as they may affect a number of biological factors, including heart rate, stress levels, blood pressure, etc.

Cocoon your feet with comfy carpet 
Make your favorite corner soft for your feet and inviting for your eyes with layers of 
carpets in mute, soothing colors.

Hug to heal
This is a perfect time to snuggle in, be they your series buddy or a fluffy cushion. Opt for a cushion that truly makes a statement about you. It does not only support for proper posture but a study has also suggested that touch, both animate and inanimate objects, can reduce anxiety and fear.


Perfect your posture
Long hours of binge-watching or internet surfing in the look-down posture can cause damage to your spine. It is similar to having 30-kg weight on your neck. This damage can be avoided by positioning your device at eye level. Otherwise, choose a device stand with adjustable viewing angles.

Keep them handy & clutter-free
While the season finale reaches its climax, suddenly your cat is jumping on your remote control. That is the painful moment you cannot blame anyone but the unorganized habit. Keep all gadgets close at hand, organized and out of the (cat’s) way with a storage cabinet. All lovely and clutter-free, aren’t they?

Always ready for the next episode
A device running out of battery is the last thing you want in this hour. Never worry missing the important episode, always keep your device fully charged. You can even make the charging part become a natural part of your home using a well-designed wireless charger.


Combat the puffiness
The long hours of binge-watching can bring you under-eyes bags and dark circles. Bid farewell to those uninvited guests with beauty items from Global Market. Be i