4 Ideal Travel Buddies We Can’t Go Without!
2018-10-18 17:20:07

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The last quarter is the time that ‘travel bugs’ really get us. Given that year-end bonus is expected, annual leave balance is there to take and the wanderlust bucket list really gets us daydreaming, it is officially a perfect time to start planning a new trip and explore fresh inspirations travelling has to offer. While travelling solo is great, travelling with the right buddy is undeniably the best. To celebrate the travel season, here are 4 types of ideal travel buddies we can’t go without.


Artsy Hipster

Rule of thumb: Don’t call them ‘hipster’ as they don’t like being defined. Hipsters are the real trendsetters and one-of-the-kind travel buddy. Their brain are loaded with stylish coffee shops, used bookstores, unseen hang out places, hidden art galleries, etc. So if you are trying to find new places to go, hipster friends can be absolutely useful. Besides, they have great ideas on how to shoot unique images, thanks to their aesthetic eyes and gadgets. Though sometimes you may be confused with their extremity of uniqueness, try embracing diversity and encompassing all the possibilities they have to offer.


Adventurous Buddies

This type of traveler is a truly up-for-anything journey maker. They live to have fun with all challenges and have endless spontaneous activity list to boost your adrenaline rush. Adventurous buddies love to explore so they have great insights on places and talents to make everything an adventure. To do list of adventurous friends can be never-ending but you can rest assured that most of the times, their backpack is packed with adventurous gears and what you need to survive during the trip. They will widen your horizon and take (or even drag) you out of your comfort zone. In saying that, we all know that adventures and any mishaps in between make for great stories!


Viva Fashionista

To start with, this buddy is a walking fashion bible you should always bring with. Fashionista friends take on the world with their ‘everyday is a fashion show’ attitude. As your trip companion, the travel dress code is a must. They will even bring you spare beauty products which is the reason behind their overweight suitcase you have mistaken for a mini fridge. At times, travelling with fashionista may lead you to the center of overwhelming attention. Just keep your chin up and go with the flow. Photos taken from the trip will be rewarding and amazingly colorful on your IG feed.


Foodie Friends

For the love of food, these buddies are the soul of your trip. They will be the one who seek the best dining hotspots and make a reservation in advance. Plus, they will prepare a plan B and plan C dedicated solely for desserts. Travelling with foodies means zero-tolerance on hunger and calorie waste as every bite should be able to please the palate. Plus, they will bring snacks and in-between bites for everyone as well. Travelling with foodies, you may find it hard to recall the meaning of ‘being hungry.’ You will love to bring along some indigestive medication to cure the pain from those glorious local food! Well, if you can’t help nodding along the old saying “an army marches on its stomach,” foodie friend is a friend for keeps.

Though any of your friends or even yourself may fall into these four categories or not, the best travel companion of all time is the one with harmonious note and commitment. Let’s not wait up till the final call. Be an early bird and start planning and packing with your friends! JOY wish you all a great journey with plenty of fun and inspiration. Shop all travel essentials catered for all types of true travelers at JD CENTRAL

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