JD CENTRAL Embraces the Global Standard Smart Logistics from JD.COM
2018-10-08 12:06:25
JD CENTRAL has officially opened our warehouses in Thailand. Equipped with  Southeast Asia’s most cutting-edge innovations,  these warehouses successfully live up to JD.COM’s logistic standard

Apart from the outstanding 100% authenticity guarantee and quality products at best prices from leading Thai and international brands, JD CENTRAL is striving to be No.1 in product and logistic management. Aiming to offer the most efficient delivery experience to our customers, we have applied the best logistic practices from JD.COM, Chinese e-commerce giant and one of our parent companies. 

JD.COM is renowned for its own supply chain infrastructures with proven efficiency, automated drones and well-trained delivery staff to fulfill over 1 billion orders from almost 300 million customers worldwide.

3.8京东正式成立物流子集团 拟在五年内收入超千亿.jpg

JD CENTRAL delivery journey starts from smart warehouses, automated distribution centers, real-time tracking system and well-trained delivery staff.
All of these are managed following the “Global Reach” concept initiated by JD.COM - our ideal prototype
which successfully provides the 48-hour delivery service from China to other cities worldwide. 


JD CENTRAL looks forward to pioneering the drone program which is able to make delivery
to remote areas, bringing the benefits and advantages of e-commerce to rural communities

At JD CENTRAL, the Automated Warehouse Robots are used in the highly efficient unmanned storage units. Operations in the warehouses are also conducted by intelligent robots, with workflows and product layouts optimized automatically via AI algorithms and big data analysis. Using such automated warehouse technology, fulfillment cost can be reduced as much as 50% while doubling the productivity of logistics systems, and can create up to 500% improvement in warehouse space utilization. 

Bringing the supply chain efficiency to the next level, JD CENTRAL embraces the JD.COM’s automated logistic system as follows:

  • Integrated digitization and experiences: our smart warehouses are equipped with global standard automation system and experienced logistic personnel

  • Sturdy packaging: we ensure that all products arrive safely by maintaining strict quality oversight on package measurement and management.

  • Detailed oriented and great service minded delivery staff: one example of detailed oriented practice is that our staff always remove their shoes before entering storage compartment on our delivery trucks. As delivery staff are one of the most important customer service touch-points, we focus on their standardized service etiquette whenever possible.

E-logistics technology is always our priority. It is not only a vital infrastructure for our e-commerce business but also our commitment to uplift Thailand’s logistics infrastructure to international standard. Combining E-logistics technology and e-commerce know-how from JD.com with strong local retail expertise from Central Group, JD CENTRAL is sure to bring the best of online shopping experience to Thai customers. Experience the global standard shopping experience today at JD.CO.TH

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