Meat-Free Treats & Why Do We Need Them?
2018-10-05 10:09:04


Vegetarian festival in Thailand is just around the corner! This nine-day festivity is annually held nationwide to celebrate Chinese community's belief, one of which is to refrain from eating meat. Interestingly, people normally get confused between Chinese vegetarian and other kind of vegetarian recipes. The first one is religious oriented and can be restrictive on ingredient selection. People observing the festival abstain from eating five pungent-odor vegetables as well as strong-flavored food. They also follow ten commandments to gain merit and purer minds.

In 2018, the festival falls on 9-17 October. JOY is bringing in 5 additional advantages of observing this festival, apart from goodness related to religious belief.

1. Glow from Green
Leafy greens are loaded with nutrients to protect our health. They are one of the healthiest ways to eat and they definitely give your glow.

2. Eat Your Way to a Healthier Weight
Greens are high in vitamins, fiber and minerals but what comes hand in hand with them, like carbohydrate and saturated fat in cooking oil, are something you should also be mindful. Eating the right carbs and fat at a healthy serving can help you lose weight. Here are some examples:

  • Choose whole grain rice over white rice

  • Food cooked by other healthier ways, such as, boiling, grilling, steaming are to score above deep-fried foods

  • Eat leafy vegetables in greater portion than starchy vegetables and fruits

3. Give them a Break
Your digestive system works really hard to process meat and fat intake. Eating Chinese vegetarian foods with healthy amount of veggies, carbs and bean protein can help promote digestion. The result is noticeable within no time.

4. Detoxifying Effect
Refraining from meat can benefit our body in many ways. One of the most appealing goodness are how it boosts detoxifying, anti-aging and antioxidant  effects as well as lowers cancer risks

5. Lower the Risk
High-fiber veggies and fruits are friendly to our body. Even beans and peas which are considered snack can help prevent some diseases. A study shows that a daily intake of peas (20g) can be protective against some diseases:

  • Dropping your cancer risk by 15%

  • Lowering the likelihood of heart disease by almost 30%

  • Reducing the risk of respiratory tract disease by 50%

  • Cutting off the risk of diabetes by 40%

Let the Meat-Free Challenge Begin!
9 days of being meat-free may seem never-ending for those not familiar with plant-based meals. However, with above benefits, it is worth giving vegan festival a try. JOY hopes that this festival can be a good time to kick-start pushing you limit and begin eating healthy meat-free treats. For those vegan-festival fans, we wish you a healthy, yummy veg fest! Looking for a Veg Fest helper? Shop at the comfort of your home. Shop quality, shop at JD.CO.TH


Remark: Strict vegan diets are generally not recommended for children under 5 years old

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