2018-09-28 10:51:40



In attendance from left are Mr. Vincent Yang, Mr. Tony Yang,
Ms. Rvisra Chirathivat and Mr. Chodok Bhicharnchitr

JD CENTRAL, an e-commerce joint venture between two retail giants, Central Group, the biggest retail conglomerate in Thailand, and JD.com, the largest retailer in China, has announced its official launch in Thailand. Responding to positive feedback from customers, JD CENTRAL sets to bring the total number of warehouses to five within this year, in support of its e-commerce business’s robust growth. To provide a boundless online shopping experience, the firm guarantees all 100% authentic products on its platform, and relies on its fully integrated logistics service to offer fast delivery, with an aim to be the most trusted brand and leading online e-commerce player covering 25 million customers by 2019.



Mr. Vincent Yang, Chief Executive Officer at JD CENTRAL

Mr. Vincent Yang, Chief Executive Officer of JD CENTRAL, relates: “Since JD CENTRAL has opened its platform to public this past June, the company has received a warm reception from Thai customers. This shows JD CENTRAL’s potential in becoming the leader in modern online retail market, driven by technology integration.The company strictly adheres to 100% authentic products policy with zero tolerance to counterfeit goods, as our ambition to build confidence and establish trust among our customers. As a result, we are certain that JD CENTRAL can achieve our goal in becoming the leading e-commerce platform and the most trusted brand in Thailand. 


“Since June, JD CENTRAL has received online orders that are 15 times higher than what was originally expected; to which 80 percent of our customers access the platform via their mobile phones, reflecting an impressive surge for growth. Despite being open to public for just barely three months, we have already worked hand in hand with many partner brands and can ensure that our products available on the platform come from official brands and authorized distributors. This shows JD CENTRAL’s determination in becoming a platform that provides a wide range of authentic and quality products to customers at the best price. The most popular product categories include mobile phones, food, home and living, and fashion. We strive to consistently source for quality brands to meet diverse customer demands, creating a truly joyful and hassle-free online shopping experience.”


As part of the company’s strategy to be the number one in the e-commerce world, JD CENTRAL has plans to enhance its customer experience and establish trust among customers by strengthening its logistics capability. The company currently operates two warehouses and expects to increase the total number of warehouses to five by the end of this year. This will ultimately increase the efficiency of inventory management and order management system in support of JD CENTRAL’s direct sales products. The firm will also offer same-day delivery in Bangkok area within this year; and aims to extend this service for Bangkok and its vicinity covering approximately 25 million customers by 2019. For marketplace products offered by official stores who look to increase access to customers and enhance their e-commerce business on the platform, JD CENTRAL will suggest and determine qualified logistics operators for the sellers; so that customers can rest assured that they would get the best delivery service. 


Meanwhile, JD CENTRAL expects to leverage modern e-logistics technology for warehousing and delivery. One of the e-logistics innovations from JD CENTRAL is Autonomous Warehouse Robots, which can substantially reduce manpower and fulfillment cost; while doubling the productivity of logistics systems and creating 500% improvement in warehouse space utilization. Another notable technology is Autonomous Delivery Vehicles which has been developed to serve dense urban environments. The vehicles can be loaded at delivery stations and automatically travel to pick-up points designated by customers. These e-logistics innovations from JD CENTRAL derive from Big Data, AI technology, and many other technology integrations. Atrial run for these e-logistics innovations is planned to be conducted in Thailand via a pilot program in 2019.

Mr. Yang adds:“As part of the company’s marketing and public relations strategy, JD CENTRAL has introduced a special campaign to celebrate our official launch through a joint effort with more than 80 of our leading partner brands – bringing together the top executive of each brand in short video clips in celebration of this exciting event. Such collaboration demonstrates strong partnership and potential to grow sustainably between us and our partner brands.”

To ensure customers’ joyful shopping experience, JD CENTRAL is offering a special promotion on its platform to celebrate its official launch from September 28 to 30. The benefits include “Super Deals” providing discounts of up to 80 percent applicable to more than 80 leading brands and “Super Coupons” for up to 28 percent discounts or maximum Bt500.

A “Super Brand Day” will beheld from October 1 to 20 to offer special deals of the day from leading brands. More information can be found at JD.CO.TH, or at JD CENTRAL’s Facebook page.