Marking JD CENTRAL’s Official Launch with Joy Shopping Festival
2018-09-26 16:58:30


Marking JD CENTRAL’s Official Launch
with Joy Shopping Festival


JD CENTRAL is a Thai e-commerce venture founded in 2017 by and Central Group. We target to become the leading B2C eCommerce player in Thailand by 2020 by delivering joy and trust to Thai consumers via a relentless focus on customer experience and technology. To celebrate our official launch, JD CENTRAL proudly offers irresistible deals, bountiful discount coupons and ‘Vote Super Brands Get Super Deals’ campaign under ‘Joy Shopping Festival.’ Aimed to please all online shopping enthusiasts, this auspicious celebration runs for the whole one month, starting from 21 September to 20 October 2018.



Beginning of Joy (21-September 2018)

      DAILY FLASH COUPON:Kick started the festival of WOW deals with our ‘Daily Flash Coupons’ available for 7 consecutive days. Enjoy variety of products from all categories with great discounts up to 80%

      VOTE SUPER BRAND GET SUPER DEALS:Join the crowd in voting your favorite brands from all product categories on JD.CO.TH. The winning brands or “Top Brands” will reward you with the breathtaking deals up to 90% off! Calling out to all shopping enthusiasts, this is a chance we do not wish you to miss out. Click to Vote

      JD POINTS ENTITLEMENT:Each vote is entitled for 100 JD Points or maximum 1,200 JD Points if you vote for all product categories.

Super Joy - Super Coupon (28-30 September 2018)

      SUPER COUPON: Delight in 3 days of Super Coupons applicable for all product categories. 

      SUPER DEAL: On 28 September 2018, get ready to be rewarded with SUPER DEAL. Look out for discounts up to 90% off as the 12 Top Brands winners from all product categories will be announced on that day.

- JD POINTS X 9: Enjoy extra points for those participate in VOTE SUPER BRAND GET SUPER DEALS campaign as you will be rewarded with 9 times of JD Points when shopping at JD.CO.TH during 28 – 30 September 2018. See terms and conditions
JD POINTS FLASH SALE: Apart from many discounts and JD Points x9, keep an eye out for JD Points Flash Sale. Only those with eagle eye will be able to take advantage so be sure to check in regularly to earn them on top of existing JD Points.

Celebration Never Ends (1-20 October 2018)

Let the old saying, ‘Happiness does not last’ be a thing of the past as JD CENTRAL continues the Joy Shopping Festival until 20 October 2018.

      SUPER BRAND DAY: 12 astounding deals from 12 Top Brands of all categories will be available for purchase.

      JD POINTS FOR FAV BRANDS: Again, get extra JD Points when shopping products from 12 Top brands during 1-20 October 2018.

Join us in celebrating the official launch of JD CENTRAL. Take part in Joy Shopping Festival to get the real deals you deserve! Shop quality, shop at JD.CO.TH today.