Joyful Eco-Living Makes Easy
2018-09-18 17:47:59

In year 2030 global population will soar to 8,500 million! The explosive growth of population does not only resonate the critical resource scarcity but also the world’s garbage crisis. While the search for habitable second earth is still far-fetched, it is our responsibility to live sustainably and limit the impact we all make to this only planet. That’s why JOY brings in 4 simple ideas of sustainable living you can start today.


Zero Straw

While finding another planet in still unimaginable, living in the planet of plastic is already happening in our generation (and counting). The fact that plastic straws take up to 200-500 years to decompose is just a beginning of a nightmare. The worst part is that they become microplastics or plastic particles between the size of a virus and an ant, making their way up the ocean food chain and potentially causing sickness and noxious effects in humans. That’s why we have seen the fight against excessive use of plastic straws everywhere. You can be a part of this too, just opt for glass, bamboo, stainless steel and biodegradable paper drinking straws to help reduce the environment impact.


Zero Food Waste

Playing hide-and-seek with food in your fridge is a classic frustration but being ‘hangry’ is not the only problem here. Food waste is one of the alarming environmental crises. To put that in perspective, let’s say up to 64% of the food in Thailand are thrown away while 11 out of 100 individuals are struggling to put enough food on the table.

The good news is that you can do your part in solving this crisis starting from investing in the right food storage. Transparent food containers with tight-closing lids make it easy to find what you are looking for and the food you store stays fresh longer too.Food containers made from microwave-safe glass can also reduce food waste by storing your leftovers and reheating for another meal. Plus, you can also save water by serving heated meal straight from the microwave to your dining table without using an extra dish. 


Zero Plastic Cup

Thailand is hot and humid so iced drink is one way to beat the heat on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these drinks come hands in hands with plastic cups and bottles which take 450 years to decompose. Imagine that if the average life expectancy is around 70 years, one plastic cup takes 6 generations to decompose. We can break free from this repetitive cycle and do our best in reducing plastic crisis by starting to bring our own tumbler everywhere. The advantage of these tumblers is they can keep our drink at the perfect temperature and you can express your style through their colour and design.


LED - a Little Bulb that Changes the World

LED can help reduce the global warming, thanks to its 85% lower energy consumption when compared to incandescent bulbs. This little light source lasts up to 20 times longer so we do not need to change the bulb too often. That means less hazardous waste too! The amazing thing about LEDs is that they do not product heat so you get less air conditioning loads in return. Join the LED era, start from checking light bulbs at home, if they are not LED, it is time to try using one and see the difference.

4 JOYful and simple ways to start living sustainably:

●    Zero plastic straw: opt for reusable or degradable straws

●    Zero food waste: invest in the right food containers

●    Zero plastic cup: express yourself with stylish tumblers

    Join the LED era