Packing for Travel - Getting There in One Piece
2018-09-17 11:05:00

Packing for Travel - Getting There in One Piece

Shattered makeup and damaged items during travelling, moving or shipping is a pain we all share in common. This headache (or the so-called heartache) is not only a ‘women thing’ because, Sir, you cannot avoid being involved when your girl needs a comfort hug and a replacement (Well, most of the time, we do!). JD CENTRAL feels you so here are tips on how to pack for travelling, whether you are going on a trip, moving into a new house or shipping your packages.


Bestie, You Just Can’t Die in Duty!

Can’t live without that limited-edition blush on? Totally understandable! Imagine a nightmare when you arrive safe and sound at your dream destination but your best palette of eye shadows just died in the line of duty. Our recommendation is bringing them on board by keeping them in your carry-on. Not good enough? Then double protect your precious following these steps:

  • Powder type cosmetic: Before closing a palette or a compact, place a powder puff or a cotton pad on top of it. These cushioning materials are impact resistant and help prevent your cosmetic from shattering. Just make sure the lid can be closed properly. You may also wrap them with a towel, a soft t-shirt or a bubble wrap.
  • Liquid type cosmetic: Make sure a lid is securely closed then apply packing tape across the lid. Don’t sweat if you do not have one cause your hair ties can handle it. You can also place the cosmetic in a Ziploc or transfer them into your travel smart containers. 

Pack Like a Pro


Apart from packing cosmetics on the move, here comes the bigger mission – packing for shipping or moving. We asked our world’s leading logistic experts at JD CENTRAL to share their best tips.

If an item is not packed in a proper packaging or being shipped without proper cushioning and packing materials, it can be damaged, notwithstanding how sturdy its package may seem. Proper packaging, cushioning materials and secure sealing are three things you need to take into consideration when packing your items.


  • Consider weight and size of your item. Basically, your item should properly fit a package. Avoid reusing old boxes as they may have lost some of their rigidity. Always double box heavier items to prevent any damage.
  • Liquid items should be placed in non-fragile containers with secured seals intact. Wrap the items using a minimum 2-inch thickness of cushioning material to lessen the possibility of damage. Another method is to unscrew the cap of a bottle, wrap a piece of Ziploc bag over the top, and screw the cap back on.
  • Use fillers like loose fill peanuts, corrugated insert, shredded paper and air-cellular cushioning material such as bubble wrap to fill void spaces and prevent movement of items inside the box during shipping. 
  • Tape all seams or flaps using the H taping method. Apply packing tape that is at least 2-inch wide to both the top and bottom of the carton. 
  • Avoid using rope or string to seal packages since it can be stuck during transportation and causes damage.


Now you can rest assured the safe journey of your cosmetics and packages. JD CENTRAL wish you a pleasant getaway and smooth moving day.