Joy's Journey & Mission on earth
2018-09-06 10:56:46

JOY comes from the other planet, with the goal to find the ultimate wisdom on earth. During the journey, JOY discovers that though human beings have the ultimate wisdom but they are very lonely. To lift their spirit, JOY teams up with DOGA and bring happiness to everyone.

img-Joy sticker-01.png

They are here on a serious mission – making joy happen everywhere!

Introducing JOY’s DOGA gang: CHILL, BLINK, SNOW, YUMMY and MAX. 

JOY, JD CENTRAL mascot, features in this animation narrating the beauty of friendship and compassion

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Add Friend and Get Some Fun

This September 2018, get ready to spread the JOY to your loved ones and those around! Meet JOY, a new friend from JD CENTRAL.

Open your LINE App

Add JD CENTRAL OFFICIAL LINE as your new friend and JOY is only one click away!

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Sneak Peek! Be prepared to load up some fun with JD CENTRAL’s JOY RUN, coming up soon!