Don’t Fall for the Faux
2018-08-28 11:16:27

Have you ever been tagged by a friend recommending a too-good-to-be-true deal for something that is usually pricey? In the blink of an eye, you can tell that it is not the real deal. But when it comes to online shopping, the worst thing is that you probably unknowingly fall for some faux products sold on trustable sites! Falling for beauty product dupes is not only frustrating and waste your money but can be harmful for your health too. JD CENTRAL cannot let that happen to our shopping enthusiasts, so here are some tips on telling an authentic beauty products from the fake.


1. Read the Review
Before clicking ‘add to cart’, spare a minute to justify your buying decision by browsing through customer reviews. However, be aware that not all posted reviews are legitimate.


2. Buy from Official Stores, Authorized Retailers and Trustable Stores
Buying from official stores is easy and 100% trustable but when it comes to great deals, authorized retailers are more likely to offer more discounts. Some online authorized retailers even provide ‘Live Chat’ that shoppers can interact before finalizing their splurge. If you are going to shop on individual online stores, opt for the reputable ones with reasonable numbers of followers. Shops offering Cash on Delivery service are also a great option for those keen to recheck products before paying.


3. Verify a Package
Before buying, make sure the serial number is present. Crosscheck that the serial number on the product itself matches the number on the package. Ingredients should also be clearly indicated and match with those provided on the official website too.The package should be in crisp condition. Extra glue, damaged edges or unattractive wrapping could be a sign on the faux


4. Look in Detail
For makeup, visit the manufacturer’s official website to see which colors of each makeup product are real. When buying a perfume, be mindful that the color of authentic perfume is usually pale.

5. Seek for Help
Most beauty brands indicate product bar code, batch no, lot number and manufacture date on their packages (usually imprinted or attached). Checkout these useful websites and where you can enter batch no. or manufacture date to help verify whether your purchase is what’s hot or what’s not. 

All above are five tips on how to tell the differences between the real deals vs. beauty dupes. Apart from these, you can also ‘Shop Quality’ at ease with peace of mind at JD CENTRAL. If you receive a product that does not meet the Customer Protection Program guarantee, we will give you TRIPPLE the price of the item.