Galaxy J8 x BNK48 Boxset Sneak Peek
2018-08-07 15:25:12

Galaxy J8 x BNK48 Boxset Sneak Peek. Ready to Be Preordered on 1 Aug!

01 990x485.jpg

After has recently announced the official preorder of Galaxy J8 BNK48 Boxset on,Droidsans couldn’t help but kepthitting the F5 button. And finally, has launched a banner stating the pre-order date that we have been looking forward to! The pre-order will be available on 1 Aug 2018 from 14.00 hrs onward and will run until 8 Aug.

After all,the official price for Galaxy J8 x BNK48 Limited Edition Box Set is totally affordable with the cost of 12,990 Baht.

Now, letus unpack the graphic box from the official website to get a glimpse of what’s inside BNK48 Box Set. The main color scheme is purple – BNK48’s color.

02 990x342.png

What’sincluded in the box? It comes with 3 items ranging from a default phone card& a SSR card with BNK48’s signatures, a phone sleeve and phone cases featuring BNK48 images. 

03 990x349.jpg

Each box contains a phone case featuring BNK48’s group image, 2 phone cases with selected member’s images as shown below.

04 990x588.jpg

Apart from the above items, Galaxy J8 x BNK48 Limited Edition Box Set still keeps you excited with the 9 complimentary wallpapers in the BNK48 App, 4 types of Voice Calling, special On/Off chimes with BNK48 logo and BNK48 themes.

05 990x312.jpg

Can’t wait to grab one for myself! I will definitely be one of the 20,000 lucky shoppersand will be back to unpack the box. For those interested to buy, be mindful to mark your calendar on 1 Aug at 14.00 hrs!