Let’s celebrate 6.18 !
2018-06-20 09:41:02

Let’s celebrate 6.18 !


It’s 6.18. Do you know what this means!? 

It’s the JD.COM’s Anniversary Date and the day of our festive online sale that everyone in China has been waiting for! 

But this year is even more special - it’s time to celebrate our very first birthday here in Thailand as JD CENTRAL. Let’s enjoy shopping with us and stay tuned for more JOY to come. 

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Here's some sneak peek at the upcoming promotions and events:


We are giving away 100 THB coupons for our welcoming campaign “FIRST SHOP , FIRST JOY”. 


For a more joyful experience, we also have the game: “WHERE IS JOY”, which means more giveaways and prizes.

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See you guys twice a day at midnight and 6 pm with our "Flash Sale":


These are just some of the promotion we will offer!  Awesome,right? 

Don’t forget to come back every day for your joyful lifestyle shopping! 

See you all and HAPPY 6.18. Cheers!